Training of the Ardèche department firefighters against risks regarding lithium batteries

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Prevention duty

TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries are entirely designed and manufactured by our Engineers team in Annonay, Ardèche. Despite the total control over our battery systems, we are aware they can include risks as other technologies does especially since lithium is a complex and technical chemistry. This is why we consider it is essential to offer our expertise in the field to accompany and train professionals dealing with our lithium batteries. Our will to democratize security about this technology is guided by our duty to advise about their functioning and the protections already fitted inside the batteries.

Risks regarding lithium can be internal, hence the presence of a BMS (Battery Management System), but also external to the battery. They depend on the battery’s handling, storage and use among others. As part of the trainings we offer, we think it is essential to consider every single possibility for a better understanding on how to deal with it. Being aware of the risks is the first step regarding their prevention and management.

Risks awareness

Batteries are sensitive components to handle, lithium batteries are no exceptions to that rule. They are subject to several risks including:

  • Electrical risks occurring because of direct contact with connections carrying voltage, short circuit or contact with metal objects,
  • Short circuits and electrical arc,
  • Fire and explosion hazards happening because of a thermal runaway of specific external events.

These risks must be anticipated and controlled because of the danger it represents to humans. They can also cause serious property damages. There are many ways to prevent these risks and maintain safety, starting with the manufacturing of lithium batteries:

  • Sensitize and train individuals concerned,
  • Have an adapted personal protective equipment (PPE),
  • Optimize the workstation layout,
  • Establish strict rules for the batteries handling and opening.

If an event should occur, it must be subject to a specific management from the persons underlying the event as well as the people in charge of its processing. This is the moment where the trainings proposed by TYVA Energie make sense. Besides professionals, firefighters are directly concerned by this type of risks.

Real conditions exercise

We already intervened a few years ago alongside with the Ardèche department chemical hazards unit through two training sessions around lithium batteries. In the first instance, these trainings aimed to sensitize the brigade regarding risks previously mentioned. Indeed, it is not the type of risks they are used to face since lithium is still a recent, unknown and hard to master chemistry even though it gets more common. Training sessions also aim to create real conditions situations for firefighters. Thus, cells were punctured during this exercise in order to observe the chain reactions generated and to learn security measures to achieve regarding this situation.

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In February 2023, more than 20 training firefighters from the Ardèche department were mobilized during a real conditions exercise inside TYVA Energie’s premises. This exercise consisted to fake a fire inside our production workshop with a realistic rendering thanks to a fog machine using water. Since the situation needed to be realistic, only a few employees were informed about the fire simulation. Someone playing a victim was hidden inside the building. The firefighters were also aware of the exercise, thus they intervened to search for the fire source and the missing person to rescue. They were helped by two recently trained first aid workers from TYVA Energie’s team who also participated in this exercise from a different perspective.

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This full-scale exercise has given the opportunity for the firemen to train in order to be prepared for similar situations. TYVA Energie is proud to have been involved in the brigade’s apprenticeship regarding lithium batteries and in their management facing real conditions. Other training sessions have been scheduled with the Ardèche department firefighters. They will notably aim to go further with real-life situations alongside with more experimented brigades.

Professional trainings

Among the services we provide to our customers, we offer our expertise as a manufacturer of lithium batteries through personalized training sessions.