Economy Awards 2019

TYVA Energie is laureate of 2019 Economy Awards for the sustainable development category organized by Ardèche’s CCI.

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Our batteries’ ranges adjust to your needs. Our Moduloo 3D range offers you the flexibily to build a quick and economic 3-dimensions solution. Our Moduloo Ax range gives you the possibility to connect several batteries in series or parallel thanks to its ultra compact designs.

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All of TYVA Energie’s modular batteries includes TYVA Refill patented technology which allows the reconditioning of our customers’ batteries. This solution was elaborated in 2013 and implies to always maintain our products to a constant energy level, in order to keep high power and infinite lifetime batteries.

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Moduloo Ax and Flat & Kube lithium batteries’ core packs are the most compact and lightest on the market. It is possible thanks to their thin format and high energy density, only 245 Wh/kg for a battery which makes them the most powerful lightweight batteries.

From R&D to production, through coding and more, our batteries are designed and made in France on our ISO 9001 certified automated production site of Annonay, Ardèche. This full management of the manufacturing chain allows us to offer you the safest and top-quality lithium batteries, without any development costs nor certificates. Moreover, we are mostly working with local partners that are closed to Annonay: up to 80% of our component’s suppliers are located less than 90 minutes from our factory.

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