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Totem Boombox is a new generation of autonomous speakers, extremely mobile, powerful, and with a unique sound quality.

The Totem Boombox speakers have been developed with the vision to create a sound and visual environment, unique to everyone, and accessible everywhere.

The product’s requirements:


  • Power and quality

  • Autonomy

  • Mobility

  • Eco-friendly


Why we chose Tyva Energie ?


The biggest challenge in the development of our product has been to reduce the weight of a powerful speaker (usually 15kg), to make it easily transportable without jeopardizing the autonomy, the quality, and the power of the product.

The technologies offered by Tyva Energie allowed the success of our engineering challenge through different features:


  • Customized batteries developed to suit our constraints
  • A very good ratio between weight and power


Moreover, Tyva Energie is a French manufacturer which fits our corporate requirements in terms of eco-development.

This collaboration between two French technological start-ups shows the capacity of innovation, manufacturing, and efficiency between French companies willing to preserve their national uniqueness and environment. The result is rewarding: A French and eco-friendly speaker powered by Locally assembled batteries.


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